1 Week Pregnant – Early Pregnancy Symptoms Explained


Yes, the most reliable thing to know that you are pregnant is ultrasound and pregnancy test. However, there was a time when none of it was available on the market. How do you think people determine they were pregnant? Everything used to start with the early pregnancy symptoms and nothing much have changed since then. The easiest signs to know that you are pregnant are smell sensitivity, morning sickness and fatigue.

When would you start to see the signs?

Well, it might be a shocking revelation but your last period says a lot about this. Doctors considered the first day of your last mensuration cycle or ovulation period as day 1 of your pregnancy even though you might not even be pregnant on the same day. In addition to this, the doctors calculate the delivery date as per the first day of your last cycle. Hence, even though you don’t have any symptoms in the initial weeks, it will be a part of the total 40-week cycle.

The 1st week pregnancy symptoms that will show you that you are pregnant are spotting and mild cramping which will follow for 4 weeks. There are other signs as well that will be followed up as the pregnancy symptoms.

Spotting and Cramping

Let us talk a little about biology, in the first four weeks, fertilised egg helps in the creation of a fluid-filled group of cells that are known as a blastocyst. This fluid-like structure helps in the development of baby organs as well as body parts. After around 10 days the implantation of the endometrium is done that is the uterus lining. This is the main reason for implantation bleeding or light period.

The very early symptoms of pregnancy of implantation bleeding are; the color such as brown, red or pink. Apart from this, ladies can feel moderate, mild or in some cases severe pain with episodes that last for around three days without any serious treatment. However, it is better to avoid tampons in such situations.

Raised Body Temperature

The higher body temperature is another of the early pregnancy symptoms that can help in determining the stage. If you are exposed to hot weather or involved in any of the exercises that you are more prone to have raised the temperature. During this time, you need to make sure that you are drinking a lot of water and even be more cautious while exercising.

Changes in Breast

The most common change that you will experience is the breast change. The breast will be more tender, swollen and grow in size with time during pregnancy. It is even possible that you might not even feel this as 1 week pregnant symptoms but the fact is that it will start to change from day one.

This is because the breast is preparing itself to make sure that you are ready to feed a baby and also to adjust to the hormones. However, the changes in nipple won’t be visible to you till 11 weeks. The areola will become darker and tender with time.


Well, the first sign that you might be pregnant is experienced by a woman herself. However, it is not the case for everyone since not every female will follow up the changes. The progesterone level will increase due to pregnancy that usually makes female tired and sleepy most of the time. It is essential to sleep a lot during such time to make sure that you are well rest. Apart from this, you can also make sure that the temperature of your room is cool all the time. It will control it for some time.

Mood Swing

As mentioned above, the increase in progesterone and estrogen level during pregnancy is common. The hormonal changes are experienced by a woman that becomes difficult to handle by the body. Hence, it makes them reactive and emotional than she might be in the normal case. This leads to a number of mood swings that makes them depressed, irritated, euphoric and full of anxiety.

Morning Sickness

Very early pregnancy symptoms that are developed by women include morning sickness and nausea. However, it can occur during night time as well irrespective of its term “morning sickness”. Doctors don’t exactly have much explanation for it but the hormones are considered as the main reason.During the initial days, the morning sickness will be mild in nature and slowly with time, it will become severe in nature.

The best way to avoid such condition is to keep saltine crackers nearby and make a routine to eat in every hour. Another way is that to stay hydrated throughout the day. If still, you have trouble keeping the food down then you can get in touch with your doctor.


The blood pressure is the main thing that will be affected at the initial time of pregnancy. It is the main cause that a pregnant lady feels dizziness due to the dilation of blood vessels. The main cause of high blood pressure is not known much by doctors but as per the claims it is due to the increase in hormones. Hence, it is better to get a checkup for the blood pressure since it much is normal. And avoid taking any medicine without doctor’s advice. Even some friendly exercises can be extremely helpful in such a case.


There are no certain 1st-week pregnancy symptoms that can assure that you are pregnant. It is possible that you might even not know in the starting weeks that you are pregnant. It is not even after a 3rd week that you will start to feel tiredness and fatigue. Hence, it is extremely fine if you don’t feel it instantly. Take your time but it is better to get checked through pregnancy test kit to have an idea about the time. And if you started to feel these symptoms then start with being careful and get an appointment for further instructions.

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