12 Weeks Pregnancy: Symptoms, Baby’s Growth and Facts


In the woman’s pregnancy, 12 weeks is very important. It is the end of the first trimester and also the end of the most critical stage of the baby’s growth and development all of the baby’s vital organs are fully formed and start functioning and even the sex organs have developed. It is quiet too early to define the gender of the baby, but with the mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan in the second trimester, your healthcare provider will likely help to know.

Baby Development

Baby Development

At this time the baby is roughly the size of a plum, measuring just about 2.5 inches in length and weighing around an on.

The head of the embryo is around 1/2 of the distance from top to bottom and the rests are upon its neck instead of its shoulders.

Other developments that are:

Other developments at 12 weeks pregnant

  • Nail works: Those little nail beds are sprouting nails, so stand by with a nail clipper. Several babies are really born with long fingernails which are needed to be trimmed immediately after delivery.
  • Parts in place: This period is really critical for your baby as the little one’s development is coming very near. All the body parts, as well as the private parts, have grown at the end of this week.
  • Lights out: At 12 weeks of pregnancy, the eyelids have shaped and should be closed. As far as late in the second trimester they’ will continue to be joined together.
  • Head and neck: At this time the head is now 1/2 of the size of the body, and the salivary glands will start working.
  • Heartbeat: During this period with an external Doppler scan the heartbeat can now be easily heard.
  • Chest: The lungs continue to mature, and amniotic fluid is now inhaled and exhaled.
  • Abdomen: During this time the abdominal organs together with the spleen, intestines, and liver are now shaped.
  • Pelvis: The intercourse organs are now developed.
  • Limbs: The arms are now balanced and have more and more working hands, even though the legs stay short.
  • Skin: The muscles tissues and nervous system are growing.
  • Other modifications: The thyroid and pancreas glands are creating hormones.




During this stage of pregnancy following symptoms can be experienced in the body.

  • Bleeding and sensitive gums: You may find that your gums started swelling and have become more sensitive due to which your blood volume increases and hormone level changes.
  • Headaches: Usually occurs due to hormonal changes. Always eat regularly all through the day. Avoiding meals can cause low blood pressure, which can and thus you can suffer from a headache.
  • Fatigue: All through this trimester your body starts working overtime to build the covering layer which is destroying your energy. Therefore always take rest when required.
  • Bloating: You can feel bloated because of hormonal changes and growing uterus. Eating slowly can help you to overcome the problem of bloating
  • Sensitivity to smells: At the time of pregnancy, your sense of smell can be particularly sensitive. A sensitive sense of smell and dislike to particular smells or fragrances as the hormonal levels range.
  • Excessive Saliva: As soon as you reach into the second semester this aggravating pregnancy will probably go away. Reduce your uneasiness by chewing sugarless gum or by mouthwash.
  • Spotting or bleeding: During 12-week pregnancy spotting is quite common. In case you notice bleeding rather than light spotting, just get the symptoms checked by your healthcare provider.
  • Dizziness: At the time of 12-week pregnancy the body produces more blood flow to the baby that lowers the blood pressure and due to which your hormone level change. From time to time this will make you feel lightheaded or dizzy.

Changes in the Body at 12 Weeks

Changes in the Body at 12 Weeks pregnancy

Some changes which can be experienced in the 12 weeks are:

  • Pregnancy Glow
  • If you are pregnant for the first time your belly bump will not be shown. But those who are second-time pregnant will see a difference. The belly may appear a little swelled in the case of women with various pregnancies.
  • Increased skin pigmentation can be seen as patches on the skin, which is also known as melasma.
  • The darker ring is known as areolas, around the nipple
  • Tender or painful breasts
  • Mood swings or change of mood
  • Anxiety
  • Linea nigra

Things to Consider

  • Focus on a healthy diet: Always follow a balanced diet rich with proteins such as meat, chicken, fish or plant-based alternatives. An extensive variety of vegetables and fruits must be taken every day.
  • Start doing Kegels: Kegels exercises are very easy to do. It helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which support your uterus and bladder. There are several advantages of kegel exercises. It helps to prevent accidental urination during and after the pregnancy.

12 Weeks Pregnant Belly

In 12 weeks, your pregnant abdomen is an official bump! In different phrases, it’s perhaps getting marked now. Due to this reason, many moms start telling others that they are expecting nearby 12 weeks.

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