13 Weeks Pregnant: Fetus Development, Symptoms and Useful Tips


Wow, the big news is here and it is the matter of time when a little bundle of joy will be in your arms. But before we begin, let us congratulate you, you have managed to cross the first trimester of your pregnancy that is the biggest relief. Now, you have a fetus that has teeth, vocal cord, and above all fingerprint.

Isn’t it something you want to shout out loud? When you are 13 weeks pregnant, your true journey of a mother will begin. You will start to plan the future with a bundle tucked in your arms. Now, you can publically announce about your pregnancy if you want. Well, it will be up to you.

13 Weeks Pregnant – The Baby Size

13 Weeks Pregnant The Baby Size

When you are 13 weeks pregnant then the baby is going to be the size of a lemon that will be .81 ounce and 2.9 inches in length. Well, it is big news and certainly a reason to rejoice. Your body will also start to show the changes such as the baby will be 1/3 of your total height. Hence, a small bump that is not noticeable will start to form. This is a normal process since you are starting your second trimester.

Symptoms of 13 Weeks Pregnant

13 Weeks Pregnant The Baby Size

When you enter the 13th week, you will start to observe small things in your body or on hormonal aspect. The first thing will be lack of nausea (for most of the mothers). There might be some who can go through the day without feeling much tired. However, these symptoms will be replaced by others.

  • Energy increase – Don’t freak out if you start to behave like a kid high on sugar. During your second trimester, you are prone to have a lot of energy within you that will make you do everything you wish for. Since your first three months have gone with tiredness and nausea, now is the time to enjoy fitness mode. Indulge this energy in yoga activities that can help in baby growth and labor.
  • Veins visibility – Another of the symptom that might scare you is popping up of blue veins. There is nothing to worry about. Since your body is going through hormonal change, it will increase the flow of your blood. This will result in the blue streaks.
  • Sex drive increase – Well, your hormones are all over the place. So, let your body roll in the hay as much as you want. It might result in some of the post-coital spottings but it is normal. This is due to the sensitive cervix. However, if you feel heavy bleeding then don’t wait and rush to your doctor.
  • Food Craving – Now, you can finally eat and keep that food down with no feeling of vomit (for some). So, during this time, you will start your craving period for junk or sweet.

However, it is advisable to avoid an excess of these and opt for healthy food.

However, things might be different for a mother who is ready to welcome twins. She might feel fatigue and morning sickness. This is all hormonal since their hCG are more that will lead to excessive issues. But if you feel severe vomiting and nausea then don’t forget to talk with your OB. On the other hand, if you are still skin but can hold up liquid and food then have a gentle walk around the home.

Let be honest, the second trimester is the most comfortable and easiest phase of the whole pregnancy. But it doesn’t mean that you can avoid small issues. You are simply on the verge of starting the second trimester so it might take time for symptoms to go away.

There are many women that feel fatigue and nausea during the start of the 13th week. This will be added up with headaches, constipation, breast tenderness and bloating. Apart from this, you might experience:

  • Vaginal Discharge – The major thing that you might witness during the 13th week is discharged from the vagina that will increase with time. There is no need to worry about it since mild-smelling, milky and thin discharge is normal during pregnancy. This helps in protecting the birth canal from any unwanted agents that can lead to infection. In addition to this, it helps in maintaining comfort with a proper balance of healthy cells.

Useful Tips for 13 Weeks Pregnant

Useful Tips for 13 Weeks Pregnant

  • As per the symptoms, you will have an increase in sex drive. Well, there is nothing wrong with it but if you have a history of miscarriage or early labor, it is better to put a hold on it.
  • Have a doctor appointment with your husband (or baby’s father). If we go with psychology then it will bring up the daddy mode on.
  • If you are aiming for fiber then let the fruits have its peeling while eating. An apple has ½ cup of total fiber that is effective for your body.

What do 13 weeks pregnant look like

Your 13-week little one will be looking like lemon by now, 2.6 inches long and weight around 0.81 ounces. Her head would be one-third of her body. Her skin will start becoming opaque and her thumping heart can be seen easily through her chest. Webs between the toes and fingers are gone and they started looking more like human beings. Tooth buds and hair follicles would be developed.

At 13-week pregnancy, your tummy looks little bloated and a keen eye can catch the signal of your pregnancy as fetus will grow to the size of a lemon.

Finally, you can get the seat in the crowded place as people will start noticing about your pregnancy.

13 weeks of pregnancy photos

In 13 weeks pregnancy, your photos will start giving the adrenalin rush to you when you see that cute little bump peeping out in your lovely family and couple pictures.

This is it, now you can enjoy your 13 weeks pregnant time.

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