17 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Body & Fetal Development, Tips


Best wishes, you are now 17 weeks pregnant. You are very close to being in the midterm of your pregnancy. Hence, let us take a look at what is happening with your baby and your physical appearance, and what you can expect in the future.

Size and Weight of a 17 week Baby

At this time, at 17 weeks pregnant, your baby is about 4.5″ to 5.5″ long, and weighs in at 4 to 5 ounces. Does not seem like much exact now does it? Well, your baby is large enough to let you know it is there at the moment.

17 Weeks pregnancy baby

For sure, it will be a two or more weeks before you feel a lot of movement inside your tummy, but at this time you can notice a small movement hither and thither. With the help of a stethoscope, you can surely know it is there. You can easily listen to that active heartbeat of the baby pumping back and forth.

At 17th week of pregnancy, your baby is approx the size of your hand palm which is enough to make you feel its presence. As the ears are forming and started to stand out of the baby they can now also start to hear sounds.

Size and Weight of a 17 week Baby

This is a time in pregnancy when many would-be-mother will start talking to their baby and singing rhymes even more than they have done before as the baby is developed enough to recognize the voice of his mother.

Changes in Moods and Physical Appearances of 17 Weeks Pregnant Mother

Changes in Moods and Physical Appearances of 17 Weeks Pregnant Mother

At this stage of pregnancy, your uterus is growing to a greater extent; it is also changing the center of gravity of your body. You can sometimes feel like you are losing the balance of your balance at several times. Do not be worried though, this is absolutely normal for 17 weeks pregnant women.

Have you been through an amniocentesis until now? Amid 16 and 17 weeks pregnant is when the first time ultrasound of the mother it would be done. This is an extremely special moment for would-be-mother and father too. The primary ultrasound is one of the pleasures of pregnancy period.

17 weeks pregnant

At this time, you might now begin to start showing symptoms of pregnancy, even though if you are not, there is nothing to bother about. Some would-be-mother shows symptoms earlier compared to others.

Do remember that at 17 weeks pregnant and ahead of, you will need to lessen the level of the stress as it is not good for you and baby. While it is not possible to remove all the stress and worries of the life, you should try to be careful of it. You should avoid situations that you know will just produce extra stress.

Being 17 weeks pregnant is an exciting point of time because you can now begin feeling a small movement hither and thither from your 17-week baby. It is only one of the several great things that lie just to the fore.

How to Take Care of 17 Week Pregnant Body?

Being pregnant is both the most exciting and the scariest time of life of the woman. Your body goes through so many physical changes that you are not sure what to do with yourself. There are various good changes and some changes that you can do lacking!
Being told by relatives and friends that your body would go through different physical changes is hardly ever as you have imagined. Moreover, the body grows and changes in several ways it hard to identify and standardize nevertheless for the purpose of general information the average ‘norm’ are discussed below.

17 Week Pregnant Body

You maybe had not seen much of a change in the physical appearance of your body until now as many would-be-mother are merely getting over morning sickness, which in itself can be ambiguous as morning sickness can take place any time of the day, it is just that most ladies experience it in the dawn, and so the name is.

You will also be alert that your belly has started to puff out but at this phase of pregnancy, it can just appear as if you have put on some extra pounds rather than actually looking pregnant!

This is the stage of pregnancy when maternity outfits, can facilitate to ease the uneasiness of your outfits, especially around your waist.

17 weeks pregnant lady

You will experience more of your growing baby as it moves here and there. These movements of the baby can be heartening and help in reducing the stress although can sometimes only be felt as mild fluttering.

Keep in mind to maintain all appointments with the health center and midwives – your 17-week baby is developing extremely fast and checks on the blood pressure, body weight, and urine are necessary to ensure you and your body are dealing with these rapid changes.


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