2 Weeks Pregnant – Early Pregnancy Symptoms Explained


The 40-week period of pregnancy is the most special time for any female. However, this total time period is determined by the last of your mensuration cycle. If your fertilisation and ovulation period is going accordingly then you would be pregnant by the end of the second week but everything will depend on your mensuration cycle. The 2nd week pregnancy can be a bit tricky to determine but all you need to do is be careful about small signs and symptoms.

What Happens?

The most essential thing is the fertilisation period in which if the egg is successfully attached with the egg then you will end up pregnant. During this stage, you might feel discomfort due to fluctuation in hormones. However, you might not even feel like pregnant and it will be an extremely common condition but in a week or two, you will start to observe the changes.

Conceptions for 2 Weeks Pregnant

The mensuration cycle is the one where female shed off her uterine lining and after 28-days, the cycle will start again. If you are following up a normal and regular cycle then by the second week, you will have ovulation cycle that will be on the 14th day after her cycle. However, the ovulation period will depend on the length of the cycle. The total time period of ovulation period will be the seventh and 21st day. The common signs that you will see are:

  • Vaginal discharge: You will have vaginal discharge during the ovulation However, if the discharge is slippery and clear but the flow is more than usual.
  • Cervix changes: The cervix will slowly turn softer and opening up will go wider.
  • Body temperature: The basal temperature of the body is the one that can help a lot in determining the ovulation phase. As a female move towards the ovulation time, the temperature will increase rapidly and will be half a degree higher.

These are just a few of the changes that you might see while you are in ovulation period. During the ovulation phase, if you were involved in a sexual relationship just three days before the start of ovulation period then you will be giving life very soon.


The ovulation cycle occurs for approximately 28-32 days which can differ for everyone but it will fall in this time phase only. However, the 14th day will be the start of your ovulation cycle but how can you determine your cycle? The shorter or longer cycle will have the total standard time of 28 days which will be different for everyone. The subtle external changes are:

  • Sudden pain in the pelvic
  • The increment in the sense of smell and even odour
  • The cervical mucus changes that will differ from the normal pattern of the pregnancy.
  • Increment in the libido and even have a strong sexual feeling for your partner.
  • There are urine and saliva test that can determine your ovulation phase which can easily be bought at pharmacies.
  • Basal Temperature changes of the body that help in determining the ovulation period. It will increase during such time.

2nd Week Pregnancy Symptoms

The most common symptoms that a lady might experience during the 2nd week of her pregnancy are:

  • Tender Breasts
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Frequent visit to the washroom
  • Gas and bloating
  • Fatigue

The pregnancy count starts from the last day of your mensuration cycle but the fact is that the second week is the actual time when you will be pregnant. It cannot be scanned out through ultrasound since the zygote is not much visible. Then how are you going to know that you are actually pregnant?

Pregnancy Test

The HCG hormone will not be must detectable just after the conception. Hence, it won’t be surprising if you didn’t know through a pregnancy test. The probability of the detection is extremely low and hence you will require a sensitive test kit that can easily detect the stage of pregnancy.

Tips for 2 Weeks Pregnant

Since you won’t have any idea that you are pregnant hence it is possible that you are going on with the normal schedule without properly the following anything. In such case, it is better to follow up few measures to make sure that you are fit and extremely careful while conceiving.

  • Keep checking on the ovulation period with the help of an ovulation kit. You can even monitor the vaginal discharge changes that can give you an idea.
  • Folic acid and prenatal vitamins can be extremely helpful in such cases.
  • If you are trying to be pregnant then you can also be sexually active.
  • Steer clear of alcohol, smoking and even drugs.
  • Another thing is that you can also start taking healthy diet and exercise such as yoga and swimming for a few hours a day.

There are no such 2nd week pregnancy symptoms that can ensure your 40-week phase. However, you can know the ovulation period time that will help you out in determining the pregnancy phase. Hence, if you are trying to be pregnant then it is better to keep monitor your ovulation cycle for a few months.

Common Changes

There are certain changes that can be seen during the 2nd week of pregnancy such as physical and emotional changes. The main reason for both the changes is the increase in the hormones. Hence, it is essential to have a track of the ovulation period and monitor the cycle carefully.

However, there won’t be any changes for the baby since it is possible that it is not even conceived. It is just the potential week in which you can get pregnant. Hence, don’t expect any of the changes in the body. It will take some time for you to get pregnant and then experience the genetic changes. The ovaries will have few changes during this cycles.


If you’re planning to get pregnant then be very careful with the cycle and indulge yourself with yoga and exercises.

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