3 Weeks Pregnant – Early Pregnancy Symptoms Explained


Things have gone as per the plan. Sperm has met the egg and woohooo – you have made a baby! Things at this point are so preposterous and early that you might not even know that you are pregnant. That is because conception happened just few days ago and obviously, the time to calculate the missed period has not yet come in the third week of pregnancy. So, why are we talking about third week of pregnancy?

Conceptions for 3 Weeks Pregnant

For starters, that’s because your estimated due date would not be calculated with the exact date of conception, but in fact from the first day of your last menstrual period. So, technically speaking, you might be three weeks pregnant but were not ‘actually’ pregnant in the first and second week! However, it is in the third week of pregnancy that all the action for the next 9 months starts.

Most of the women do not experience many signs and symptoms in the third week of pregnancy. That’s primarily because the body has not yet started producing a lot of pregnancy hormones, which are a trigger for pregnancy symptoms. But don’t worry, you will get there. There are some early signs, however, that you might experience in the third week of pregnancy:

3rd Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Missed period

You would experience a missed period if your menstrual cycle is less than 28 years. You can go for a home pregnancy test at the end of the third week. Having said that, it’s still a bit early to get an accurate result here because your body might not have yet started producing the pregnancy hormone, hCg. So, in case you get a negative result and have not got your period, follow up with another test after a few days.

Implantation bleeding

You might experience little pinkish spotting/bleeding as your fetus will implant into your warm and soft uterine wall. This process of implantation will trigger enormous amount of pregnancy hormones which will direct your body to not start the menstruation and shedding the lining, thereby triggering the beautiful journey of pregnancy.

Changes in the breast

In the third week of pregnancy, you might notice tender and swollen breasts. Many women also complain of pain in the breast along with a prickling and tingling sensation. There is a fast growth of milk ducts and alveolar buds. These are changes that your body is making to accommodate and nurture a life within you for the next nine months.

Nausea and vomiting

A common sign of early pregnancy, this is considered to be a tough and testing time for new moms-to-be in the third week of pregnancy. Thanks to the heightened levels of progesterone hormone running through your pregnant body, you might experience both nausea and vomiting.

Abdominal cramping

Mild cramping in the abdominal region in pretty normal in the third week of pregnancy. Come to think of it, there is a life growing inside you. This abdominal cramping is the result of implantation and are typically mild, subsiding in a day or two.


You might feel tired and exhausted for no particular reason. Well, believe it or not, but this is also a symptom of early pregnancy! Owing to nausea and comiting, the intake of food is limited that further elevates tiredness. This tiredness is going to stay with you in the first trimester and if you want to blame anyone for this, put the onus on the surging progesterone hormone.

Sense of bloating

Many pregnant women feel and look several months pregnant, even in the initial weeks of pregnancy. This is primarily due to abdominal bloating. It starts within few days of conception and continues till the completion of the first trimester. Though pregnancy clothes and weight gain are months away, however, the sense of fullness in the pelvis, owing to bloating, is an early indication of pregnancy.

Increased basal temperature

Like other symptoms, blame the ‘wicked’ pregnancy hormone for the increased basal temperature.

Increase in urinary frequency

If you are peeing more than usual and are accompanied with other signs of pregnancy, there is a high chance that you are pregnant. Though not a very early sign of pregnancy, urinating more than usual is a standard pregnancy symptom and usually kickstarts within few days of conception.

As a new mom-to-be, it is natural for you to feel exhilarated and anxious. What’s important at this stage is to cherish every moment of this amazing journey and take good care of your health. At this stage, you do not need to rapidly increase your daily calorie intake. Try to eat a well-balanced and healthy diet along with the prescribed prenatal supplements.

Here’s wishing you a smooth and extremely memorable and healthy pregnancy!

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