4 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding like a Period


The frightening issue of bleeding during pregnancy can shake a woman from inside too. 4 weeks pregnant and bleeding like a period is a common thing to happen as the first trimester won’t disturb your night sleeps and will not be imposing any kind of anxiety to you. Since miscarriage is the foremost reason to be pondered in whenever a woman faces bleeding during her pregnancy but it’s not always necessary for a woman to experience a miscarriage in this situation. There are about 25 percent women who have experienced bleeding during her time of pregnancy and an estimated round figure of 8 percent women have been a prey to heavy bleeding in their state of  4 weeks pregnant and bleeding like a period.

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4 Weeks Pregnant and Bleeding like a period

The harrowing causes that are expected during implantation bleeding or you may say ‘4 weeks pregnant and bleeding like a period: 

  • The most horrible cause is miscarriage that can scare the hell out of a person and can cause various health issues to the mother as well the people related to her.
  • Another horrible cause is the threat of miscarriage which can insinuate mental disbalance to the woman.
  • Ectopic pregnancy is also a pathetic cause which happens when ‘4 weeks pregnant and bleeding like a period’

It can’t be an ignorant factor that vaginal bleeding during pregnancy isn’t a reason to worry about rather it is. Since bleeding is a common thing but it does carry millions of problems with it and in some cases, it became a reason to worry. About 20 percent of women conceiving a baby experience a light spotting during the foremost trimester of pregnancy. During a woman’s douche she must wear a panty liner or pad in order to detect the amount of blood flow; if there are only a few drops of blood then it is just the spotting but if there is a heavy amount of blood flow then it is the case of bleeding. Tampons are strictly prohibited in these days.

4 weeks pregnant and Bleeding Like a Period – Reasons:

  • Cervix changes:  The production of hormones during the douche could be the reason behind the changes in the cervix which will anyhow let it get softer and much prone to bleeding.
  • Infection in the vagina to imparts abnormal vaginal discharge which causes heavy bleeding during implantation.

Various causes as to why implantation bleeding happens:

  • Miscarriage:  Signs of abdominal pain, backache and bleeding will take a place in this case. Moreover, there becomes a situation when tissue will be extruded from the vagina and it might be shown that cervix is open. Also, another sign of miscarriage is defect through the genes which is only restricted to some specific embryo.
  • Molar Pregnancy:  4 weeks pregnant and bleeding like a period may cause molar pregnancy in which there are chances of early pregnancy where some really typical symptoms are happening due to growth in the uterus. In the Hydatidiform mole, abnormal tissue is growing, thee tissue which becomes the case of no fetus and hence birth defects get insinuated. The Symptoms of molar pregnancy are vaginal bleeding and spotting.
  • Subchorionic Hemorrhage:  There gets the collection of blood in between the gestational sac and the uterus wall. Moreover, after the examination through ultras, and there will be an intrauterine clotting spotted. Sadly, the body does the absorption of the blood clots and there becomes this passage of some old dark blood and you may say the minute clots shedding through the vagina.



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