4 Weeks Pregnant – Early Pregnancy Symptoms Explained


Many congratulations! We understand your excitement as you just missed your period and instead of waiting for some time, you took the test. Voila! Two pink lines have changed your life, like never before.

At a time when you are used to the idea of having a baby, we totally understand your excitement, happiness, anxiety and nervousness. But having said that, you may not feel a lot different at this stage of 4 weeks pregnant as the pregnancy symptoms have not kicked in their full-blown capacity.

Do you know, right now, as we speak when you are 4 weeks pregnant, your baby is even smaller than a poppy seed? Yes, believe it or not, but the baby right now is practically microscopic. In scientific terms, the baby at 4 weeks of pregnancy is called blastocyst – a small ball of cells which is busy settling into your uterus, his/her new home. While doing that, your body is also preparing itself for major physical changes and developments that will occur in the next 9 months or so.

4 week pregnant

At 4 weeks of pregnancy, you might not experience many symptoms that are associated with pregnancy. But brace yourself, because pregnancy hormones increase pretty quickly. Therefore, it is absolutely normal to be 4 weeks pregnant with no or very few pregnancy symptoms. However, you can expect these pregnancy symptoms in the fourth week.

4th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Missed period

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy, a missed period always raises an alarm. It shows that the progesterone hormone levels are going to take over your hormonal balance. This would aid is sustaining the pregnancy.

Breast tenderness

Yes, your tender and swollen breasts would hurt screaming, ‘the baby is coming. Start producing milk!’. To provide comfort to the breasts, go for supportive bras. Your breasts need good care and attention at this stage.


Feeling puffed up all the time? Your ‘culprit’ is the pregnancy hormone, progesterone. We suggest you switch to loose and comfortable clothes to avoid discomfort.


You might experience uncomfortable pregnancy in the fourth week of pregnancy. But worry not. This is actually a good sign that your baby has implanted properly on your uterine wall. But, in case you experience severe cramping that does not go away, consult your doctor for further examination to rule out any kind of complication.

Mood swings/temperamental

No, it is not a figment of your imagination. You might be acting differently than your normal reaction. This is because of the fluctuating pregnancy hormones. This is one of the most drastic symptoms of early pregnancy.

Relaxation is very important to keep the volatile mood swings at a bay. It is important to know that these changing moods settle after the first trimester as the hormones level out in due course of time.

Morning sickness

Almost 50-90 percent of pregnant women experience morning sickness in the form of nausea and/or vomiting. You might experience this in the fourth week of pregnancy or even in later stages. It is a symptom that slowly gets better and vanishes by the end of the second trimester.


Feeling exhausted most of the times? Well, it is a bit natural owing to the extra work your body is performing at this stage. Remember we told you about Blastocyst? That small ball of cells is now growing into an embryo and your body is working extra hard for that resulting in fatigue and tiredness.

Taking care of yourself is often overlooked by new moms-to-be. You must ensure that you give yourself sufficient rest, care and attention to avoid physical and mental exhaustion.

A small nap in the afternoon and/or light exercise (with consultation with the doctor) can be helpful in giving that extra dose of energy to your new pregnant body.


Mild spotting in the fourth week, also known as implantation bleeding is quite common in the fourth week of pregnancy. But if you notice unusual bleeding (bleeding like a period lasting for more than 2 days) consult your doctor without any delay.

In the coming weeks, the pregnancy hormones are going to increase. However, your body will adapt to the new changes making your pregnancy journey comfortable and memorable. What you need to remember at this stage is some basic yet important points:

  • Do not miss your prenatal vitamins
  • Quit smoking and drinking
  • Rest adequately
  • Pamper yourself
  • Avoid stress – physical as well as mental
  • Make your first prenatal appointment

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Cherish it as it is going to make you not beautiful, but also stronger and fitter. The only prerequisite for that is you must take care of yourself and enjoy this amazing phase.

What do 4 weeks pregnant look like

At the 4th week of pregnancy, it is yet to be confirmed through ultrasonography, but a positive kit test will be enough to send the butterflies in your stomach. At the 4th week of pregnancy, your fetus will be equivalent to poppy seed. Although there are not much physical change but hormonal and psychological changes may appear which may force you to choose lose clothing, wear pajamas, etc. At 4th week of pregnancy the fetus has a beating heart of its own and it starts to develop a neural tube which will further form brain and backbone. More amniotic fluid will bring better cushioning to the growing fetus, thus special care of diet is must.

At this stage, the news will remain to your heart and there are not many physical changes in the belly.

The feeling of bloating will overcome your mind forcing you to think that you belly is growing at tremendous speed but the truth is at 4th week no change is so significant in terms of looks to appreciate.

4 weeks pregnant and bleeding like a period

Bleeding at any point of pregnancy can cause a great amount of stress and is equivalent harmful hence careful attention is needed to be taken and immediately one should contact the health care provider in the respective area. 4th-week is considered as quite an early stage of pregnancy hence there is always lot of apprehension related to it.

If you observe mild bleeding spots without accessory symptoms than there is no worry and your baby is absolutely fine but still one must fix an appointment to the earliest and check with proper follow up and investigations like ultrasound and blood test which may safeguard you pregnancy for future and be carefree to enjoy the period of bliss to the fullest. In case bleeding associated with fever and cramps, immediate contact with a doctor should be maintained with no delay.

If you have observed bleeding is bright red in character and is with pain in the abdomen than it may indicate some serious issues.

The 4th week is considered as early pregnancy hence period like bleeding should be consulted with a doctor immediately.

Bleeding in early pregnancy is considered a positive pregnancy sign.

Causes of early pregnancy bleeding

Bleeding episodes in early pregnancy are quite common and not always harmful. In total it occurs in 20 to 30 percent of pregnancy and is known to be implantation bleeding, when embryo got implanted in the wall of the uterus it results in the erosion of few vessels and muscles in the wall of the uterus causing bleeding from the vagina. This bleeding is more of a spotting type and less of a frank period like. This may occur at the time of the due period and you might end up thinking it as your menstrual period.

Bleeding in the first trimester is also known to be linked with miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy if bleeding is associated with pain in abdomen or chest with high fever and chills than it is bit worrisome thing and you must contact the doctor without any delay. This sign and symptom are indicative of ectopic pregnancy. This could be a life-threatening condition.

Bleeding may occur in cases of the empty sac or blighted ovum when there is no life inside the sac or embryo may stop to grow. Occasionally Frank period like bleeding may occur in cases with the gestational trophoblastic disease. This is the condition when there is no actual pregnancy but your blood HCG levels are too high due to abnormal tissue growth inside uterus. This condition including ectopic pregnancy may require immediate action or termination of pregnancy as it may be harmful to the general health of the mother.

When to contact the doctor

Although all the above-described conditions are equally crucial and immediate attention as well as medical help is required, one must not delay if there is fever, dizziness, anxiety, high-grade fever, vomiting, pain in abdomen and blurring of vision. These may be a complication of missed abortion or ectopic pregnancy.

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