5 Weeks Pregnant : A Brief Guide to Pregnancy Symptoms & Baby Growth


It’s the fifth week of your pregnancy and the excitement has just begun.

Can you believe that in just five weeks your baby’s tiny yet beautiful face has already begun to form? The tiny nose and eyes are already taking form.

How Does Your Baby Look Like in the Fifth Week of Pregnancy?

You are five weeks pregnant and your baby’s growth is mainly focused on his/her head. The head is developing faster than the rest of the body. This is primarily because of the reason that your baby’s brain is experiencing very critical and fast development so as to efficiently control the blood circulation, heart activity and other vital functions in the body.

Fifth Week of Pregnancy

Another important development in the fifth week of pregnancy is your baby’s heart which at this time is made up of two small heart tubes, which has started beating. Till last week, your baby’s simple limbs were simple buds. But now that you are five weeks pregnant, they have grown as limb flippers. In this week, your baby is almost as big as an apple zip, almost 3 mm.

Changes You Will Experience in the Fifth Week of Pregnancy

Changes You Will Experience in the Fifth Week of Pregnancy

Now let’s talk about what’s happening to you and your five weeks pregnant body. There is an increased amount of pregnancy hormones running in your body this week. However, you might still be struggling with this increased dose of hormones.

Most women in this week experience more of the similar pregnancy symptoms felt in the earlier week. If you have not yet experienced morning sickness, it might soon be a reality for you this week. Other symptoms that you might experience when you are 5 weeks pregnant:

  • Tiredness: In the fifth week, you might feel light headed more than usual. You might feel the need to sit down. This can increase if your blood sugar levels are low. It is, therefore, advised that you must eat healthy meals at regular intervals. Also, do not overburden yourself. Naps and sleep can help you restore your energy levels.
  • Spotting: It is common to experience light bleeding or spotting in the fifth week of pregnancy. Having said that, there should not be more than some drops of blood. If the bleeding is heavier, you must consult your doctor at the earliest to rule out any complication.
  • Higher sensitivity to smells: Many women experience a higher sense of smell at this phase. So much so, that perfumes, car fresheners or even food smell can make them ill.
  • Changes in the breast: In the fifth week of pregnancy, you might experience tender, swollen, full breasts. Lying on your tummy might not be practical now owing to soft and tender breasts.
  • Mood swings: Many five weeks pregnant women experience joy, happiness and delight, especially if they are planning to conceive. But not all women go through such positive emotions. Some women go through an emotional roller coaster ride thanks to the elevated pregnancy hormones. They might be teary, prone to sentimental meltdowns and might experience bouts of worry, stress and even guilt.
  • Frequent urination: Extra rounds to the washroom would be the new normal in this week of pregnancy. This is a hallmark of pregnancy experienced in the initial and last stages. Many women find it tough to completely empty the bladder that adds up as another reason for more trips to the washroom. If you are experiencing this symptom, you might be annoyed. But trust us, this is completely normal.

All You Need to Do in the Fifth Week of Pregnancy

All You Need to Do in the Fifth Week of Pregnancy

Now that you are clear about the symptoms that are associated with the fifth week of pregnancy, here are some other things that you must consider in this crucial stage.

  • Be mindful of what you eat. Your diet must constitute healthy and nutritious food items.
  • If you have not yet cut out smoking and alcohol, do it now.
  • Go for a warm bath and naps to ease the cramps, backaches and body pain.
  • Avoid taking medication unless it has been prescribed by your doctor.
  • Cut down on your caffeine intake. Restrict the caffeine consumption to not more than 200 mg per day.
  • Indulge in light exercises and yoga. But do check with your doctor before practising any kind of physical workout.
  • Stay happy and positive. It has a good impact not just on your baby’s health, but on your health as well.

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