7 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Symptoms, Baby and Body’s Growth


Your Baby at 7 Weeks Pregnant:

Your baby is seven weeks pregnant which means that it is one month and about two weeks pregnancy period. Your baby at the 7th week is about the size of a blueberry. Your uterus is double it’s actual size now and is rapidly going through various changes to nurture the growing embryo. Your embryo is about .51 inches and is growing at a rapid rate since last week.

your baby is the size of blueberry

Your baby’s hands, legs, and kidneys are already developing and soon you can easily distinguish them. Your babies’ arms and legs have begun to sprout and grow longer. Your womb has already welcomed the umbilical cord, your baby’s lifeline. This cord will play a vital role in the next 33 weeks as it is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients and even eliminating waste into your bloodstream.

Your Baby at 7 Weeks Pregnant

The mucus plug – a natural seal is settling on the opening of the cervix as it will protect the womb from the unwanted bacteria. Your babies’ mouth and tongue are forming to this week. The kidneys are also coming in place and will be an important part of the waste management. The baby will start producing urine very soon.

Your Body at 7 Weeks Pregnant:

Your Body at 7 Weeks Pregnant

7 weeks pregnant body goes through a lot many changes. Some can make it difficult to get through your day. The various symptoms the body goes through are under:

  • Nausea: By the 7 weeks of pregnancy, the morning sickness raises at a peak. Dear mommies, here are some ways to cope up with nausea. Ginger, Vitamin B-6, and acupressure wristbands prove to be easing their tummy troubles. Nausea decreases or even disappears when the hormones become more normal in the second trimester. Moms pregnant with twins are more likely to have more nausea and vomiting as they have heightened levels of the hormones.
  • Food cravings and/or aversions: The mothers at 7 weeks may find the urge to eat specific or even weird foods—or not wanting to go anywhere near certain foods you used to think were fine. Food aversions is a natural method of keeping your aversions away from potentially dangerous foods and typically go hand-in-hand with morning sickness. It’s completely fine to go by your cravings and indulge in food here and there. But try not to go way too far with the junk food options, and make healthy food choices more often.
  • Frequent urination: It’s not your imagination if you feel like the urge to pee constantly. Even though you don’t look pregnant for now but your uterus has already doubled in its size, and you also have increased blood flow to your pelvis.
  • Acne: Breakouts or acne is normal as it is due to the hormonal changes in your body. Check out with your doctor before you use any acne-fighting products to make sure they’re safe during pregnancy.
  • Extra saliva: This is an unexpected symptom for all the new mommies! But yes, the excess saliva which you are generating is probably due to the hormones triggering and could be related to nausea too.
  • Mood swings: Not only are your hormones increasing at a great rate, but you’re also still getting used to the idea of being pregnant, and this can make you become extra emotional. Really it true too.
  • Cramping and/or spotting: Cramping is a basic symptom in the early pregnancy and is completely normal. It is because a lot is happening inside your uterus, and though you cannot feel baby movements at this point of pregnancy, you can definitely feel lots of cramping and pulling right now in your pregnancy. Your cervix tens to become more sensitive now so spotting at 7 weeks could happen after sex.

These two pregnancy symptoms can be alarming, but in most of the cases are not as dangerous as they’re not a sign of ectopic pregnancy or any types of miscarriage. If your abdominal pain is worse than typical menstrual cramps or bleeding during pregnancy at 7 weeks that’s heavier than a period, that it would be a cause of worry, and you should see your gynecologist right away.

7 weeks pregnant

Being a new mommy myself, I would like to tell all you expectant mothers this is the best time of your lives you gonna cherish throughout your lives. Firstly, remember the only key to enjoy your pregnancy is to think positively. Secondly, it is easy if you are giving yourself some time and resting. Remember it is not a disease, so don’t simply stick to the bed.

Giving your body ample of rest is the next best gift you could give to yourself. The more you rest the more your body gets the opportunity to prepare itself for the forthcoming challenges. Documenting your pregnancy is another best way to collect all the precious moments of your pregnancy and cherish it forever. Pamper yourself rightly by eating the right good food. Build a good connection with your baby by continuously whispering with your baby. It establishes a unique bond between you both.

Enjoy being a mommy ….only you could feel this untainted form of love.

Here is some pregnancy checklist at 7 weeks pregnant:

  • Go through the prenatal tests which you could expect
  • Do swap to pregnancy-safe beauty regime products
  • Check out the safe OTC medicines with your doctor
  • Do cherish the small moments of your pregnancy.
  • Love yourself and your body.
  • Be vocal about your true feelings with doctors and partner.
  • Connect with the baby as much possible.
  • A digital detox with best techniques before bedtime is a must.
  • Pamper yourself with a good spa.

A lady is the sole bearer of her child….. only she could determine what is best for her child in and out. So, all the pregnant mom-to-be out there go easy on renew, nesting or build your spirituality, evaluate your life and enjoy being kneaded and do look your best during the 9 best months of your life and be the QUEEN for the next coming months.

  • 7 weeks of the pregnant body

At 7 weeks your baby would be the size of a blueberry and is your uterus expand to adjust the growing fetus.

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