8 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Development, Symptoms and Body Changes


When a mother entered her 8weeks pregnant stage, she will be having a healthy a month’s old baby in her womb. A baby growing and developing slowly. If you are wondering about the size of your baby then he/she is going to be similar to a cranberry bean. In terms of weight, the baby is approximately going to be 0.035 oz only which is equivalent to 1 gram with 0.62 inches in height.

There are so many things that will occur when a lady is 8 weeks pregnant. However, there are many women that already had their appointment during the sixth and seventh week. But there are few doctors that wait till two miss out periods and eight weeks to actually set an appointment. If your first appointment took a lot of time then be ensured that it is natural. There are so much to complete before you actually get started with an ultrasound.

Here is everything that an 8-week pregnant woman much is aware of.

Body Changes for 8 Weeks Pregnant

Body Change for 8 Weeks Pregnant

There are so many changes that a would-be-mother might have experienced during the course of 8 weeks. These changes are not only in the internal part but also on the external part. The uterus will grow to become the size of a grapefruit on the internal part. Whereas on the external body part, you will feel sensitivity around your breast to make them capable of lactation. In addition to this, a mother will start to feel the development of dark veins – varicose veins – around her breast. This occurs mainly due to the increase in the blood supply.

However, if there are no veins then it is not a matter to worry about. Another of the change is with areolae that will turn out darker due to hormonal changes. On top of that, the nipples will grow to a large size due to small glands that are present in the Montgomery tubercles. Once these changes are adopted in the body, there will be a discharge of colostrum – yellowish thick substance. Since the uterus will start to grow in size and you might start to have a small invisible bump, it is possible to experience pain and cramping.

Baby’s Development During 8 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s Development During 8 Weeks Pregnant

The most special for a mother is the start of the 8th week of her pregnancy. What even makes it important? Well, for starting, it is the start of the next stage – the fetal stage. Hence, it marked the end for your embryo stage known as the embryonic stage. In addition to this, since the embryo is converting to fetal hence it will start to lose the tail.

The little beam-like the structure of the baby started to gain some weight and lengthen up an inch. On top of that, the small intestine of the digestive system will become longer and comes out of their abdomen. This will work as an umbilical cord until the start of the 12th week. Another thing will be difficult to see on the ultrasound reports but they will start to form gonads into ovaries and testicles. In addition to this, they also feel the bones getting harden and the shape of the joints started to form.

Along with it, the facial features will start to come out with the nose formation and shaping or growing of ears. The mouth and jawline will also become visible. However, they will start to structure and repurpose themselves. And slowly along the pregnancy, it will start to form.

Symptoms for 8 Weeks Pregnant

Symptoms for 8 weeks pregnant

There is no doubt that throughout the pregnancy a mother goes through many changes on the hormonal and physical level. However, there is a possibility that some might have their effect at a higher rate. While other will not even feel a single thing during pregnancy. Here are a few things that you must prepare yourself on a mental level.

  1. Morning Sickness

This is one of the most common symptoms that occurs with women. However, it is not that common since 2 out of 10 might not have it. However, with the sudden surge in the hormones, it will be extremely normal to go through. If you are not feeling morning sickness in the start but with the advancement toward an 8th week, it will show up some signs. It may be queasy feeling, nausea or vomiting but one of them will show their presence.

There are many women who claim that snacks and small meals help a lot to get hold of this queasy feeling. There are not many other strategies as well including parental vitamins. However, it is better to eat before having any medicine or even not to take them while going to sleep.

  1. Keeping Mum

When the clock ticks to 8 weeks of pregnancy, many women started to stay exhausted. On top of that, many mum-to-be, wait for the end of 12th-week share this good news with others. In such a case, it can be difficult to explain your sickness issues. In both the cases, mothers decided to stay mum and let things flow at their own rate without any problem.

Myths about Miscarriage

Myths about Miscarriage

Many people believe that maximum of miscarriage occurs in the 8 weeks pregnant. They are scared of even shifting furniture, eating junk, dancing and what not. Well, as a matter of fact, this is not at all true. There are other reasons that result in such situation such as chromosomal abnormalities, health problem, hormonal issues and thyroid disease.

However, the first sign that occurs in some of the women is bleeding. However, it is not a big thing to bleed so it is better to get in touch with your doctor. You need have to be hyper or worry about some spotting since it might be just bleeding of previous blood. Hence, it is better to be vocal about it instead of worrying about it.

8 Week Pregnant To Do List

8 Week Pregnant To Do List

Since you are 8 weeks pregnant and if it’s the first time then now is the time to do your research. Don’t be confused, your doctor will help you whenever you need them to make sure that to be vocal about it. It is all about your comfort zone so be sure that you talk and make a list if you are confused on a lot of things.

Body changes at 8 weeks pregnant

In the eighth week of pregnancy, there is an increase in the volume of the blood which may cause frequent urination. Similar to the reason bulging of vein and edema in legs can be observed. This may cause high blood pressure, dizziness, and fatigue. On the other hand hormone will continue to play their tune and nausea vomiting will continue to haunt you.

These are the main points that need to be clear during your 8 weeks pregnancy.


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