Bleeding During Early Pregnancy


Do you’ve a question in your mind – “Bleeding and Still Be Pregnant“? Well as a matter of fact, yes you can. Vaginal bleeding when you are in your early pregnancy stage is extremely common. However, it can be a matter of concern for a new mom. They stay in the confusion that whether it is fine to bleed or not. Nevertheless, it is not an alarming situation for all the mothers. Approximately 20-30 % of mother spot blood during their initial stage. On top of that, these 20-30 % of women faces absolutely normal and uncomplicated pregnancy, delivering a healthy baby.

Changes in Cervix

When you are pregnant, your body undergoes a number of changes that you might not be even ready for. Bleeding and sensitivity is just a part of the whole period that will take some time but will give you the best possible outcome. In any case, light bleeding and spotting is just a thing out of the whole change in the cervix of your body. However, you have a vaginal infection then it is possible that you can have spontaneous vaginal bleeding. This results in abnormal vaginal discharge.

Symptoms and Signs

4 Weeks Pregnant and Bleeding like a Period is not a rare phenomenon. You might experience bleeding even before you know that you are pregnant. This can be mistaken for not being pregnant but you will get to know the fact once other symptoms come into play. This type of bleeding is called implantation bleeding. It is very frequent in nature and is possible that you might suffer from spotting and light bleeding from time to time. However, it will not happen in each and every pregnancy. So, getting an advice from a family or friend can be in vain.

How serious can this condition be?

Well, unless you have a vaginal infection, you are good to go. The fact is that not every female will have a vaginal infection since mucus flow prevents any type of germs or bacteria to enter your body. But it is not something that is not possible. So, it is always better to get doctors’ advice. There are other serious problems that might be the reason for vaginal bleeding such as:


If you are having a problem of vaginal bleeding in addition to back pain and abdominal pain, then it is better to get checked as soon as possible. Miscarriage happy to almost 20 per cent of pregnancies during the first trimester. So, it is better to not take any risk and get yourself thoroughly checked.

Molar Pregnancy

Hydatidiform mole or Gestational trophoblastic disease is an abnormality in the process of fertilisation. This results in the growth of abnormal tissues that can lead to the vaginal bleeding. If you are confused with all the symptoms then you can opt for the ultrasound or sonogram.

Subchorionic Hemorrhage

This is a situation when blood will deposit in between the wall of the uterus and gestational sac that can be seen as an intrauterine clot during the time of ultrasound.

Can one experience it during second or third trimester?

Usually, it doesn’t occur during the later into the pregnancy. However, it is not something that doesn’t happen at all. Many female experiences bleeding due to sexual activities and even pelvic examination. However, it is not a dark or heavy bleeding since it is usually light. There are multiple reasons to experience bleeding after the initial stage is over and one such issue is an infection or cervical insufficiency. In the cervical insufficiency situation, the cervix opens up at the early stage of pregnancy. Other serious causes can be preterm labour, placenta previa, placental abruption and uterine rupture.

When to visit a doctor

Well, now you know that it is possible to bleed and still be pregnant, comes the little pressing topic of when is the best time to visit a doctor. It is recommended to visit a doctor if you are completely freaking out due to the blood or if there is any sort of back or abdominal pain. Even mild cramping or heavy bleeding is not good for a mother or baby, so it is better to go and get an opinion from a doctor. Secondly, if there is nothing serious then at least it will keep you grounded and without any worry.

Last but not the least is to be happy and don’t freak out about each and everything. There are so many things that are going to be absolutely new to you and if you freak out then it can disturb you in a lot more ways than predicted. Hence you can stay calm and composed then take advice from some of a family member or friend.

Wondering “What Does Early Pregnancy Discharge Look and Feel Like?” This might be new to you, but it is not exactly much painful if the situation is not serious. If you are still not satisfied then there are doctors and midwives that can help you to sort things out.


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