Can you have a heavy period and still be pregnant? [Solved]


Pregnancy is an excellent experience for women all around the world. Consequently, with the awesome feeling comes innumerable problems too. One major pregnancy issue to discuss is Can you get your period and still be pregnant  The answers are various as per the different cases. Let us discuss the details of the same. The answer to the question is sometimes yes and can also be No.

Well to get the answers correctly one must know the fact that the individual who possesses a short cycle of period gets a chance to be pregnant. Now the question is how it happens? If your rotation is short that is 21 to 24 no of days this means that your ovulating cycle is early. That is sperms can live inside for 2 to 5 years.

Can you get your period and still be pregnant

Well for this the answer is one can face spot bleeding after conceiving or can even come across heavy vaginal bleeding.  But a regular menstrual cycle is not possible. Few reasons are:

  • Serious medical issues internally.
  • You have conceived close to next periodical cycle
  • It can be ectopic pregnancy too – that is the embryo implants outside the uterus. And often the fallopian tube can swell because bleeding that is same as menstruation.


Can you get your period and still be pregnant
Can you get your period and still be pregnant

Normal and light bleeding during early pregnancy is acceptable and can lead to delivery of a normal healthy baby. But one should always be alert. If you start noticing that this vaginal bleeding is getting heavier, contact the gynecologist at the earliest else it may lead to miscarriage. Yo must wanted to know that is there any reason where Can you get your period and still be pregnant.

Can you get your period and Still be Pregnant – Top Reasons: 

Splicing bleeding: While the person reveals that she is pregnant but the bleeding part is constant that means the fertilized egg is still not attached to the uterine wall. But again to mention that this kind of bleeding can continue only for 2 days. Sometimes it is also seen that many women suffer from this kind of issues during the early stages of pregnancy.

Development Bleeding: This is the work of your hormones that are going wild. That is the hormones are not tight enough to hold your periodical cycle.  Thus such hormones can conclude bleeding. Finally due to this, one can possess pains, cramps, bloating and uneasiness.

Uterine Fibroids: This can help in bleeding even while one is pregnant. This is because of the compacted muscles and mostly due to the fibrous tissues that are present outside and also inside the uterine wall.  As per the doctors, few hormones increase inside the body, the detailed contraction and the distraction of the muscles both outside and inside which can lead to bleeding.

Miscarriage: This is something many have heard off. Well, for this reason, one can check that the bleeding is on continuously during women is pregnant. Though 90% women possess bleeding during the first trimester of conceiving that bleeding is not persistent. Never to worry about this case. But miscarriage can lead to profuse bleeding and weakness too.

These above reasons provide you with a complete acknowledgment about, Can You Get Period And Still Be Pregnant. If there is heavy flow while on periods then it is always advisable to connect to doctors immediately. This is because it can be life-threatening and if there is bleeding followed by cramps, one must be taken to the doctor immediately. Again to note furthermore if one is bleeding just like periodical cycle then also there are chances that you are suffering from a miscarriage. Do not self-diagnose the same. Rush to the doctor and get well treated.


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