What Does Early Pregnancy Discharge Look And Feel Like?


Early Pregnancy Discharge – Things To Know

When a female is pregnant then they undergo certain hormonal changes that result in discomfort throughout the day. There are various symptoms of pregnancy that happen for a few days. One of such initial symptoms is the vaginal discharge that is the result of hormonal fluctuation. In medical term, this fluid vaginal discharge is known as leucorrhea or leucorrhea. If you are pregnant for the first time then it is possible that you don’t know about the changes. Let us tell you more about the question – what does early pregnancy discharge look and feel like?

Vaginal Discharge

It is a combination of sticky and egg white mucus substance that is released from the vagina. This vaginal discharge is essential for the body since it holds a lot of importance such as the protection of the fetus against any kind of infection. It also plays a vital role in the ovulation process and keeps the vagina clean. We’ll discuss about the black blood during pregnancy later in the article.

During the initial pregnancy phase, the intensity of any change in the mucus will be slower, since there will only be a colour change. The mucus will be creamy, whitish and cloudy during this time and at some time, you might have spotted some brownish discharge as well. This is not an alarming situation and is extremely common for a pregnant lady.

Reasons Behind Vaginal Discharge

Yes, there is nothing to be worried about vaginal discharge since it is extremely normal. However, it is better to know the reason behind such a phenomenon that is raised due to two reasons.

  • Vaginal discharge will prevent any bacteria or germ to enter the vagina.
  • It also keeps the vagina clean and passes all the dead cells out of the body.

Early Pregnancy Discharge

The vaginal discharge will limit the risk of infection or prevent the entry of any bacteria or germ in the female’s body through the vagina. This early pregnancy vaginal discharge can result in thrush which doesn’t harm the baby. Although it is better to visit a doctor to ensure that there are no harmful effects.

If you observe the greenish discharge or any sort of pain then it is better to visit a midwife or a doctor as soon as possible to discuss any discomfort. The treatment and medication can result in solving out the problem and ensure that there is risk-free pregnancy.

Detect Pregnancy During Vaginal Discharge

It is time to know how to know about being pregnant with the help of vaginal discharge. If you were involved in any sexual activity during the ovulation phase and later on you observe some milky creamy discharge then it is the first sign that you are pregnant. This happens because of the increase of estrogen level that will increase during the pregnancy phase which will result in the increase of vaginal discharge.

However, don’t depend much on it to know about your pregnancy since not everyone goes through this phase. In such case, the period delay can be another symptom that can result in the pregnancy sign. But in case, you observe some creamy and thick discharge liquid then be assured that your period is just around the corner. There are other symptoms of pregnancy that can confirm your doubt such as feeling nauseous, tiredness, fatigue and tender breast.

When To Get In Touch With A Doctor

When you first start to get symptoms about what does early pregnancy discharge look and feel like which will be a milky, thin, odourless and creamy substance. However, it is possible to have a mild smell during the discharge. But when the smell of the liquid turns to be quite fishy or you feel irritation or itching then you must fix an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible. There are chances that you are going through some sort of infection, thrush, or gonorrhoea.


It is extremely natural and common to experience the vaginal discharge during the early pregnancy time. However, it is best to get in touch with a doctor to ensure that there is no harmful problem due to the flow. However, medication can help a lot in such cases but it is better to have second advice as well.


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