How much breast milk does 1 month old Baby need?


There is no feeling that can be compared to the feeling of being called a mother. The first touch and the cuddle given by child meant the world for the parents. And when a mother got to hold her newborn after the extreme labour, that feeling can never be described in words. But the real struggles starts now, the nourishment and upbringing of a child will take a lot more than work than what you expected. But when you will breastfeed your baby, it will all be worth it. There is only one question that will keep on bugging the new mothers, ‘How Much Breast Milk Should a 1-Month-Old Feed’.

Let us explain a simple thing to you in a nutshell, when a mother breast feeds her child, they develop a different bond with each other on an emotional level. On physical and health level, breast milk has nutrients that can’t be obtained from the packed or powdered milk. Hence, it is highly essential to breastfeed a child, especially for the first 6 months, instead of opting for packed milk.

Benefits of Breast Milk

As mentioned above, breast milk contains many nutrients that are extremely useful for the newborn. The infant body is not that strong or have many nutrients to grow healthy. This lack of nutrients is covered by the breast milk that provides minerals, vitamins and calories that must be given to a child in a fixed proposition just like us. In addition to this, the mother’s milk will offer newborn antibodies that can help them to fight several diseases.

Here are the main benefits of breastfeeding a newborn:

  • Doctors advice mother to feed her first milk to the child within a few hours of his/her birth. Mother’s first milk or colostrum is yellow and thick that provides wholesome food to the newborn. The milk contains a balanced amount of antibodies and nutrients that help in the improvement of the health of the baby.
  • It is highly important to breastfeed the child for especially first 6 months that can help them to fight harmful diseases such as pneumonia, meningitis and asthma.
  • On top of that, the body of the mother will change the milk as per the growth of their baby. The amount of requirement will change with time that can be best for the baby in a best-suited
  • Even the baby body can only digest mother’s milk easily since it is light and contains an enzyme that helps in digestion. The milk keeps altering as per the development of baby which is not found in the formula milk making it an ideal choice.
  • There are much research was done that claims that breastfeeding is essential for the cognitive development of the baby. Mother’s milk speeds up the development of the brain and enhancing the nerve

Now, when it is clear that mother’s milk is essential for a child, now comes how much milk a month old child need.

How much breast milk does 1 month old Baby need

The accuracy of milk is what makes it more beneficial to the child. We all know that misbalance is never good for anyone. There is no doubt that the quantity will increases with time but for a month old baby how much it is essential. Hence, how much milk must be provided to the child who is a month old?

When a child is a month old then the consumption of milk will increase within days. There is no fixed number since the baby is slowly developing. In addition to this, the stomach is not going to expand a lot and hence the kid will only require 1 oz. of colostrum. This will be more than enough for the baby to enhance the immunity power.

When the baby turns 5 days old then the stomach will start to expand at a slow rate and hence the consumption will move to 11 oz. of milk in a day. After around three weeks, the consumption of milk will increase to the total of 25 oz. per day. Till the time, the baby reached the fourth week, he/she will be consuming around 30 oz. of milk in a day. Hence, you can see the variation in the intake of milk that after a month will lie in between 19 to 30 oz. For a 3 Month Old Child, it will slowly increase with time and hence will be approximately 50 to 80 oz. in a day. So now you know how much breast milk is required by a month to 3 months old child.

Indication of Sufficient Milk

You don’t feed a baby by taking a measuring tool that is for sure. Hence, the next doubt that will rise is how you will know that this is the perfect amount of the baby. There are many signs that will let you know that this is the sufficient amount of milk for the baby.

When the baby starts to grow and reaches around six weeks, then they will start to pass stool for two to five times in a day. If the ratio is not according to this, then it means the milk is not sufficient as per the baby. In addition to this, the baby will start to require around five diapers of cloth, dour sopping wet and five disposable diapers per day.

Another thing is the weight gain which must be six oz. for a well-fed baby. During the initial stage or a total of the first six weeks, the weight must go around six oz. This will increase with time and after four to six months, the baby must be more of four oz. in a week.After the sixth month to a year, the weight gain must move from two to three oz. in a week.


In the final note, there is no match for mother’s milk with that of formula. Hence, it is better to depend on breast milk than even trying the formula. If anything, it is possible that formula milk will be harmful to the milk since the digestive system of an infant is not developed completely for complex enzymes. Hence, depending on breast milk only.


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