What are the Pregnancy symptoms from Day 1


Get ready for the surprise. Your doctor doesn’t count your pregnancy from the day you get conceive but from the day your mensuration cycle was over. It is easy for them to spot the signs of your period instead of pinpointing the sing of conception or ovulation. So, when did I get pregnant might not be that easy to determine. You will be stuck with the question “could I be pregnant?”

However, the thing that can save is the simple signs that can help you to determine whether you are pregnant or not. The most common pregnancy symptoms from Day 1 will be seen after a week of conception. There is a possibility that you will start to suspect your pregnancy even before missing out on period. However, the intensity, duration and frequency of these symptoms will be different for different people. Here are the top signs that will help you to understand the pregnancy symptoms from the first day or in scientific terms the first week.

Pregnancy symptoms from Day 1

Here are the symptoms that will guide you and make you test it by peeing on the stick.

Swollen, tender breasts

The first and foremost sign you will see is the change in your breast. If you are pregnant then it will start to get more tender and swollen. They will start to fill out and there will a change in the shape as they prepare themselves to prepare for the milk production. On top of that, they will start to get more sensitive in the next few months.

However, if a woman is on birth control pills then it is possible to not feel any of the symptoms. Another factor is that your areolas will turn to darken slightly and widen up in shape. This is due to the fact that women have to prepare for breastfeeding.


It is considered as morning sickness but the fact is that it can strike at anytime of the day, even in the middle of the night. When you will start your second week of pregnancy, then you will start for feel the queasiness. This is due to the sudden increase in the estrogen level in the body the will make you vomit a lot. However, it is possible that you might not even feel like vomiting at all.

Another factor is that you will be sensitive to a certain smell as well. You will love certain smells but will hate the other which can be your favourite perfume. This is another reason to feel nausea in the stages of pregnancy. Many times it is taken as a stomach problem but a small test will help you to know the answer to the much awaited question – when did I get pregnant.


First thing first, there is a difference between spotting and bleeding so don’t confuse them. After around 10 days of conception, you might experience some light spotting when the implanting of the embryo is done in the uterus. The keyword is might hence it is not essential that you will have it. Hence, if you see some spotting then it is possible that you are going to give life to someone else.

Missed Period

The easiest way to determine pregnancy which makes is pretty obvious is – missed period. It is not the pregnancy symptoms from day 1 but it is one of the essential symptoms that you will observe in the later stage of your pregnancy. There might be light bleeding but it doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant. Total of 20 per cent of women bleed during pregnancy hence don’t freak out. But still to be on the safer side, get an experts advice.


You will start to have some weird cravings. If you are a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S then you might remember Phoebe’s craving for meat even though she was a vegetarian. Similar, you might start to like food that used to make you throw up in the first place. The weird thing is that your favourite dishes can be made you run to washroom due to their smell. Well, pregnancy does that to people. Sometime it will make you eat all the mouthwatering food other days you won’t even want to look at food.

Mood Swings

Well, you don’t mess with a pregnant woman is not said in vain. It is the truth actually. A woman in pregnancy will undergo a lot of changes that will result in her getting emotional. Due to her changing hormones and craving, she will be confused and her body will start to react in the least expected way. A joke can make her cry or a serious situation such as someone falling off the bed can make her laugh out loud. It is the most common and early pregnancy symptom.

Feeling Pregnant

If you have an intuition that you are going to be a mom, then there are 90 per cent chances that it is true. Hence, go and grab that pregnancy stick and pee on it to get the good news. There are often chances in which the mother simply knew that she is pregnant. It can be called a motherly instinct or love. Whatever you want to name it.

Another reason of doubt can be queasy, moody, tired, or even lightheaded. Constipation, heartburn and frequent toilet tours are also the main reason that will result in the sign of you being pregnant. Whatever the reason is if you feel it then go for it. At the most, it is possible that you are not pregnant then go for another test since sometimes stick doesn’t show the accurate result. Or you can try out after a few days.

Final Thoughts

Before getting pregnant, the most important thing is to be calm and composed all the time. When our body is not in any tension of anxiety then it will work in the best way and you will get a baby sooner than expected. To avoid doubt, simply get a test done.


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