When did I get Pregnant? Detailed Explanation


Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of life, whether it is a mother or father. However, for a mother, it is an eternal moment which is to be remembered for the rest of their life. It makes the women the happiest that she can ever be. This is like a dream come true to see those two lines of the pregnancy test. But the thing that will leave you confused is when did I get Pregnant if you are not correctly educated about sex.

The concept becomes more harrowing when you have no idea on how to choose a conception that might end up with a terrifying result such as abortion. This will take a toll on your mental or physical health causing a lot of issues. Hence, it is essential to be updated about everything to ensure that you are taking conceptions on time or if you are trying to become a mother then what to avoid.

If you are not sure about how are you going to feel and what would be the Pregnancy symptoms from Day 1; Well, no need to worry now. Here is everything that you need to know about the pregnancy calendar and how to solve a few issues to get a steady pregnancy result.

Detect The Time of Conceiving

When a couple tries to conceive then out of curiosity they would want to know the estimated time of pregnancy. You will even start to search and look out for the Pregnancy symptoms from Day 1 to observe the changes. The chase can become tricky but you can make it simple, all you need to do is be careful and have the precise information.

To know the pregnancy details or your ovulation period, all you need to do is to examine and be aware of your mensuration cycle. In the mensuration cycle, the egg will be released into the fallopian tube where it will be in the reproductive tract period. The main part is that the ovulation period only goes for around 10-14 days for women in which the chances of her getting pregnant is higher.

Let us explain it to you in detail, the total period of a mensuration cycle goes for around 28 days. If the mensuration cycle is for a maximum of 5 days then to understand the exact phase of ovulation period you must know few points. The most fertile phase in which the chances of getting pregnant is higher will be after the five days of your mensuration cycle end. The best thing to determine is that you can test the ovulation period with the help of ovulation sticks.

Apart from this, it will be difficult to know the exact phase of ovulation. However, you can keep on monitoring your cycle and check on the symptoms to know the exact answer of ‘when did I get pregnant’. But you can’t be sure about how right the prediction is or would be. Hence, it is better to opt for ovulation sticks that are much safer options to go for.

How and When To Conceive?

If you think that you can get pregnant just by having sex, then think again. It’s not that simple. The fact is, it will be difficult to attain since there is a whole cycle that determines the pregnancy and not just the sexual activities. In order to conceive, it is essential to follow up few important things:

  • The chances are higher for women to get pregnant if she is involved in sexual activities when her ovulation phase is at the peak. However, when the chances are medium or lower, it will be difficult for her to get pregnant but not impossible.
  • When egg is in the fallopian tube and a lady haves sex, then there is a high probability of sperms fertilising the egg. This will give you a brief idea about when actually you got Pregnant.

On conceiving, the baby will nourish in the uterus and will nurture, slowly form the organs and finally the body shape.

When Did I Get Pregnant – Precise Analysis

We tried covering almost all the information above, but to give you a better analysis of the situation here are few more things that you should know of and are different in the scenario. There are other ways that can help you determine your conceiving date. If the ovulation occurs on the 10th day the ovaries will start shedding the egg for next 24 hours to ensure that it got fertilised.

After the intercourse, the possibility of sperms fertilising the egg in a day or two will be much higher. For instance, if you have sex on the 7th day then you will ovulate the egg on the 10th day and hence, by 11th day, you will conceive. In other words, the egg will be fertilised. Understanding and keeping track of this cycle will help you in getting a clearer vision on when did you actually got pregnant.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not yet answered and the question – “When did I get pregnant” still arises, you can try out the ovulation stick.

The last day of your period will help you to determine the exact time of your ovulation but you need to be very careful about the estimation. If you believe that it will be extremely easy then no it won’t be. There are many factors on which pregnancy depends. Take care of yourself!


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